On Service

Night after night, there was a certain warmth that drew us to seek each other’s company here.  Tucked away to one side of the tea house, there lay an unassuming bookshelf that carried lessons for a lifetime.  This, perhaps, was a window into the hearts that served us so well here.

By The One Who Fashions, this is Meziana.


5 Responses to “On Service”

  1. I love this photo. I like the fish eye effect

  2. Wish I knew Turkish. Would love to know the title of those books.

  3. Don’t we all. Come over and learn with me.

  4. i think i can like all of your photos! and if you still wish i can provide translations too 🙂

  5. Zumrutkutu, thank you for your enthusiasm. Works of Imam Ebu Hanife, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Hazim…and yes, Shaykh Abdel Kadir Geylani (may God sanctify their souls) certainly lay at the root of the goodness we received in this tea house. You should visit them when in Uskudar.

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