On Refuge

There is a Sycamore tree that grows upon the Uludağ and it carries within it timeless secrets.  If you listen intently, it will share with you tales of a dream blessed, of refuge and  protection through the ages. It will speak fondly of those who have come to seek its shade.  And in these six hundred years, it has remained devout only to the Shade-Giver.

Perchance, this is Mevlana’s  tree of awe.  When from that tree,  feathers and wings sprout on your soul, be quieter than a dove. 

By The One Who Protects, this is Meziana.


3 Responses to “On Refuge”

  1. The second tree I would like to go sit under for a while. The first is truly blessed.

  2. selam! i am seriously astonished. i had been looking through your blog ( all amazed by the photos and the writings under them, as a passionate follower of Mevlana myself) I thought I had to stop and write a comment when I saw this one. First- because i had been longing for a visit to my second favorite city-bursa (after istanbul) and seeing this photo of one of my favorite stops there-the tree, made me realize how much i’ve missed the city. and second- is the simile with Mevlana’s tree of which I had never thought of but of which I will definitely be thinking the next time I go there. Thank you.

  3. Aleykum selam! *smiles* Please do fulfill that longing. And think of me too when you are there, please. The first time I heard the story of this Sycamore tree, I was amazed. Then when I set my eyes upon it, I could hardly believe what I was witnessing. We were blessed to spend three weeks upon the Uludağ, and it was a beautiful time. All Praise is His.

    Thank you for your whole-hearted comment.

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