On Love and Understanding

A seeker heard,  “If it was Farsi that was necessary to understand Mevlana, then all those who speak Farsi would be Mevlevi.  It is, rather, learning the Language of Mevlana that is required. …like it is not Arabic that is necessary to understand the Word of God, it is the Language of God that is necessary.”

Certainly, upon the Path of Love, the  Language of Mevlana is but a means to the Language of God.

By The Most Loving, this is Meziana.


6 Responses to “On Love and Understanding”

  1. The wood and the reflections of the iznik tiles are captivating… I think you did a lovely job

    • Isn’t it interesting how different eyes glimpse different realities? My eyes were so centered around the tiles themselves that I didn’t even notice the reflection. Thank you for drawing my gaze to it. *smiles*

  2. God speaks through forms and meanings that are not limited by words. SubhanAllah.

  3. Assalamu alaikum, I didn’t even notice the tiles or the reflection as my breath was pulled from me to join the dervish! So so so captivating, as is ‘love and understanding’…may we all be captives, Ameen.
    Wassalamu alaikum

  4. the picture plays music while you read those words…

  5. Shirin… indeed. All that is, is His. Thank you for visiting and sharing your insight.
    Dear almiskeenah…aleykum selam. Ameen. May we see as you see — always being pulled to join the dervish in submission. …selam aleykum.
    Dear youngmuslimword…and what music it is! Let it carry you…

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