On Seeking

How Mevlana must have walked this earth? His every step a witness to Signs Divine!

The sight of a tree must have carried him to that First Meeting.  The human being resembles a tree; its root is a covenant with God: that root must be cherished with all one’s might.

Renew this covenant over and over again, O Seeker. Do not get lost in your seeking.

By The One Who Guides, in this is Meziana.


3 Responses to “On Seeking”

  1. Wowwww! Sunhanallah, What an awesome picture
    Life out of Death, The living reliying upon the roots of the dead
    Be the Master of your Nafs, kill your Nafs and be born again

    Amazing, Just made my day – Many Thanks

  2. awesome photograph^^^the previous observation hits it spot on about life from death..or death from life….as the qur’an says in surah al mulk he who created death and then life…

  3. Dear Stranger and Askianasirbilal, You are very welcome. And all praise is His. Interesting perspective. I didn’t quite see it this way…the roots, for me, are very much alive…firm…and strong. They shoulder all that grows from them. Yes, this, despite their outer appearance.

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