On Light

The very sight of the moon sets me dreaming.

Dear Moon, how it must have been to cast your light in anticipation upon that night.  How you must have bowed to welcome the Beloved upon that dawn. How it must have been to be graced by his Noble Touch.  How, how must it have felt to set eyes upon a Light that precedes even yours. Endless peace and blessings upon him.

O Seeker, cast your eyes upon all that has beheld him. Peace and blessings upon him always, forever, eternally. Let this light consume you.  Let this light consume you until there is no you. How it must feel to be illuminated by his brilliance alone!

By He Who is Light, in this is Meziana.


One Response to “On Light”

  1. It’s beautiful how your thoughts can make someone else dig deeper into the reality of the entire scenario!

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